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Famous African-American LGBTs poster - 11" x 14"

Famous African-American LGBTs poster - 11" x 14"

We have been marginalized by much of society, but that’s only because they don’t know all the members of our secret club! This poster features African American lesbians throughout history, including: musician Billy Strayhorn, dancer Alvin Ailey, basketball pro John Amechi, singer Johnny Mathis, political activist Bayard Rustin, poets Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen, writer James Baldwin, actor Paul Winfield, director Paris Barclay, philosopher Kwame Appiah and painter Beauford Delany.

This customized 11" x 14" poster honors the African-American Gay Man of your choice by placing a block with his name, photo and bio (supplied by you) in the center of a range of other famous Black gay men. A perfect gift!

Price: $49.95

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If you would like to write your own tribute, please do so here. For large posters, try to keep it to about 75 words to avoid over-crowding and about 60 words for the smaller posters. Not sure what to write? Click here for some handy tips. Still not sure what to write? Email us and we can help.

Alternatively, you can choose to fill out some or all of the longer list of questions below, and let us write the bio based on the information you supply.

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